Jada Imani M is a talented photographer and fine artist who has made a significant impact in the DMV (D.C., Maryland, Virginia) area. Born in D.C. and raised in District Heights, MD, Jada Imani M's journey into photography began as a hobby in college. She did not consider it as a career path until her early twenties. After taking a lighting class in 2016, she realized her potential to become a professional photographer, which became a clear career choice for her by 2017. Jada Imani M's work is recognized for its visual narrative capturing, and she has photographed a variety of artists, including Cheakaity, Ari Lennox, Kali Uchis, TiaCorine Janelle Monae, and Alex Vaughn. Her work has been featured in prestigious publications like “Essence,” “The Washington Post,” “Office Magazine” and “Black Women Photographers.” Beyond photography, Jada Imani M also has a background in digital filmmaking and video production, having studied at The Art Institute of Washington. She has expressed a goal of eventually showcasing her work on the big screen, indicating her aspirations in filmmaking.

In addition to her photography, Jada Imani M has a strong interest in addressing societal issues through her art. This is evident in her exhibition “DEATH TO ASSIMILATION,” which premiered as her first foray into fine art. The exhibition aimed to challenge and kill the concepts of assimilation, adaptation, and code-switching, particularly as they relate to the experiences of Black women and nonbinary people. Through her art, Jada Imani M intends to sell her work and shift mindsets, presenting positive visuals of Black people in unique spaces.

Jada Imani M's work is characterized as colorful, distorted, creative, and recognizable. As a Black woman photographer, she aims to show the world from her perspective and how she wishes it could be. She is consistently inspired by her community, driving her to create positive images that represent Black individuals in diverse and unique 


In terms of aspirations, Jada Imani M has expressed a desire to work with brands like Telfar, Pyer Moss, Golfwang, Fenty, Pattern Beauty, and Sienna Naturals. In five years, she envisions herself living off her artistry in a warm climate. Her message to women and young girls who look up to her is to be themselves and not feel pressured to conform to societal expectations.

Jada Imani M's work and story illustrate her commitment to her craft and her desire to use her art as a medium for social commentary and change. Her journey from picking up a camera as a child to becoming a professional photographer and artist is a testament to her talent and determination​​​​.

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