COLORS 2020 is a collection of images showcasing Black beauty in a variation of vibrant monochromatic outfits. For this project, I intentionally casted brown and dark skin models only. In the entertainment industry there is still a lack of representation for dark skin people, especially dark skin Black women. In tv shows, films, and even advertisements, I see a lot of dark skin men being casted alongside fair skinned women. It is disappointing to never see women who look like me placed alongside the men we can relate to the most. Being a Black woman photographer makes me responsible for showcasing the imagery I desire to see. These images represent the joy, power, and unity within the Black community.

Photographer/Creative Director: @jadaimanim

Production Assistants: @soambitiouskim


Models: Austin, Naomi, Glo, Essence, Edna, Bashiru, Muka, Isreal, Ibrahim, Kalifa, Chidera, Mykal, Toluwalase

MUA for Naomi: @alanahs_artistry

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