Black women and nonbinary people are discriminated against throughout their lives. Our skin, hairstyles, nails, jewelry and other aspects of our appearance is viewed as unprofessional. In order to fit into the corporate world we must straighten our hair, refrain from wearing big jewelry or makeup that “does not look right Black girls”. Death to Assimilation showcases Black women and nonbinary people with tattoos, locs, afros, piercings, and bold jewelry in an alternative professional fashion.

Creative Director/Photographer: Jada @jadaimanim

Wardrobe Stylist: Liyah @justamiri

Hair Stylist: Agnes @aggie_hair

MUA: Chi @melanated_martian

Nail Artist: Amber @ajnailedthat

Production Assistants:

Muhteyoh: @populroutcast

Chynna: @madenchynna

Kyri: @sidvivid


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