is a visual project meant to showcase Black beauty in the past, present, and future.

Official project release starts 2/29/24

Growing up with a mother who is a cosmetologist, I had the privilege of spending time in salons she worked at when I was a child. There were multiple Black hair stylists in the salon whom specialized in different styles. Hairstyles ranged from short cuts, pin ups, braids/twists, press n curls, crimps, and more. These styles were common especially in the 90s and early 2000s. My favorite part of growing up in the salon was viewing the various hair magazines; Black Hair, Hype Hair, and others where you could choose a hairstyle you wanted. These styles are still prevalent today in Black culture.

INFINITY showcases portraits of various Black women in hairstyles that represent and amplify Black hair culture. My desire to begin this body of work started from my childhood when I viewed hair magazines at the salon my mother worked at. Intentionally, I began this project by photographing it on film. Film is personal and feels larger than life. I knew medium format film was the perfect medium for the still images. The goal of this project is to show Black women as the originators of these styles and how they have transcended time. We see our styles in mainstream media, but we do not always get the credit we deserve. Black hair stylists are artists themselves, and so much more. They are our mothers, sisters, cousins, friends, and even our therapists.

Photographer/CD: @jadaimanim

Models: @niaarosee @north.starproductions @maroonmoOd @lorne.taylors @oddmojo @sarinadesir @maevatheradiant @tydryn @solidea.gloriaa 

Hair: @flaulessfeatures @arianascanvas @daii.zyy

MUAs: @sydneynoels @thegoldnnug

@quintinmarcell @kiyashaco

PAs: @shaughncooper @marckell_ @godzillasupreme

Studio: @greenhousestudiomd

Film development and scanning: @photo60studio

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